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In The Demon Rift, I imagine a universe that is almost 100 % dark energy and has very little life–almost nothing that is self aware.

There are exceptions to every rule and this exception has been watching us a for very long time.

“68% of the Universe is dark energy. It is a complete mystery what it is.” National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Within a dark universe, a world exists, a planet created by a single mind. As it churns in the bowels of chaos. It seeks to feed on our destruction. To cause a permanent rift in the barrier that separates our universes, it creates a saboteur. Since the birth of the saboteur in 1889, a series of women have fought but failed to stop him.

In 2004, before the rise of smart phones and online shopping, a battle takes place on Christmas Eve in a small town Ohio mall, and the fate of the Universe is decided.

Madonna Bedonne, a young mall worker, knows that she must prevent an invasion of demons that feed on the dark energy of chaos or she and hundreds of last minute shoppers will die in . . . THE DEMON RIFT.


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About me

Writer/designer, M. K. Noble lives in Southern California. After working as an actress, a casting director and a teacher, she published a short story and then co-authored articles on the science of dreams published in the Huffington Post. Discovering that her family history included a great uncle who had been an inmate at the Ohio State Penitentiary which burned to the ground in 1930, killing 320 prisoners. Her grandfather’s stories about being a “charity kid” in an Ohio orphanage during the early 1900’s and what she discovered about the prison fire led to the novel, The Demon Rift. Tales from Babylon Dreams, a novel taking place in virtual reality is her second novel. Currently, she is working on The Daevas, a novel chronicling the life of a woman who is stalked by demi-gods and Shemathra’s Realm, a sequel to Babylon Dreams. 

An excerpt from Babylon Dreams, “The Why of Denise” has been published on Strange Fictionszine. http://strangefictionszine.com/the-why-of-denise/